For several years now, an increasing number of organizations of all sizes have been struggling to manage a continuous explosion of digital information.  A growing portion of this information is archival information: persistent, unchanging information that needs to be preserved, protected and accessible over extended periods.  With a growing list of industry and government regulations, loss of archival information can result in significant penalties and future liabilities.

Conventional storage technologies and methodologies, however, are inadequate players in the new digital world, where enormous performance, reliability and capacity demands can only be met through specialized storage technologies and storage management software. 

Storage Clarity offers unique core archival storage management and cloud expertise, technology, software and solutions to accommodate these needs today and into the future.

Storage Clarity specializes in archive, compliance and data-protection, including DR/BC,  and cloud computing solutions, software and professional services.

Storage Clarity is a team player that works closely with manufacturers, distributors, system integrators, and resellers to ensure customer requirements, commitments and expectations are met. 

Storage Clarity's focus is on building lasting partner and customer relationships.  Our goal is to deliver innovative, reliable, cost effective storage & cloud solutions and services. 

Storage Clarity strives to understand the requirements of our customers and is able to react quickly to changing technologies and business requirements.

Customers, Service, Quality, Innovation, and the Environment form the foundation of Storage Clarity’s business.
Graham Irving is the founder and President of Storage Clarity.  Graham is a storage industry veteran with more than twenty five years of experience. 

Prior to Storage Clarity, Graham Irving held senior positions at El Fresko Technologies, K-PAR Archiving Software, Titan Digital Corporation and INSTAR Corporation.

Graham has been a member of several organizations, boards and panels, including the Canadian Cloud Council, American National Standards Organization Optical Disk Committees, X3B11, X3B11.1 and OSTA.

Graham holds a B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science from the University of Calgary (1981), and resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with his wife and two children.

Graham Irving is the founder of Storage Clarity. Graham Irving has held senior postions at El Fresko Technologies, K-PAR Archiving Software, Titan Digital Corporation and INSTAR Corporation.
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