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DataSpace Overview

GRAU Data's GRAU DataSpace offers organizations a private cloud based communication platform for securely sharing and storing data over the Internet. Designed to replace FTP, email attachments, public cloud services like Dropbox/Box and proprietary isolated applications, GRAU DataSpace securely transfers, stores and synchronizes files with various desktop clients and mobile devices.

GRAU DataSpace software is highly configurable for a single organization as a private cloud
service. Each DataSpace user can have one or more Data Rooms which contain folders and
files, optionally with individually configurable user permissions. Data Rooms can be shared
amongst DataSpace users and groups.

GRAU DataSpace users can access files/folders via a number of platform independent supported interfaces/APIs and software applications, including web browsers, drive letter mappings, desktop/mobile applications, and CMIS, “Content Management Interoperability Services”.

GRAU DataSpace software is available for Linux and Windows servers, or packaged as a virtual appliance. Software licenses are prepaid annual licenses based on the total number of users.
DataSpace Customer Scenarios

Provide encrypted/secured file sharing (internal or external);
  • Reduce the burden on email systems (i.e., large attachments);
  • Replace FTP and proprietary file sharing applications;
  • Replace public cloud services like Dropbox and Box.
  • Eliminate security holes in file sharing processes;
  • Provide a secure private cloud solution for business-essential data;
  • Provide secure mobile access to business data;
  • Synchronization of files on different devices.
DataSpace Features:

  • Secure SSL encrypted file transfers and encrypted file storage.
  • Platform independent access via open industry standard interfaces: WebGUI, WebDAV, CMIS (OASIS standard) & mobile app's (iOS, Android, Blackberry & Windows).
  • Multi-level hierarchy with a data space consisting of Data Room(s) & folder(s).
  • IT compliance: audit logging of all activities; version control; & IDM’s (AD, LDAP, SAML & OAUTH2).
  • Compliant with German/EU data-protection & data-security regulations.
  • File sharing as publicly accessible download/upload links (password protection is optional).
  • Settable expiration date for download/upload links.
  • File version management and full-text searching.
  • Licensed on an annual prepaid fee per user, regardless of the amount of storage.
  • Highly scalable, from 100 to 100,000’s of users.
  • Supports large file sizes (limited by the host OS).
  • Optional, distributed multi-site DataSpace configuration available.
  • Flexible storage backends: SQL databases; object stores; & NAS.
  • Installable on Linux & Windows server platforms, or packaged as a virtual appliance.
  • Brandable (optional).
  • Multi-language support.
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